The right fit

We really don’t want to hold you back. Keep your freedom and flexibility with our form fitting silhouettes that hug the contours of your body in light and stretch fabrics that never make you feel constrained.

It’s the least you can do. Whether in a bold plaid, a classic stripe or a an eye catching solid colour, our pattern is one of good behaviour, and you’ll be right there with us.

Look the part

A real keeper

Go on, dump that old suit. With us you’ve found the one. Sure, we’re a little unconventional, but if you look a bit closer you’ll see we’re loyal to a fault. We’re just sorry we’re late.

We’re easy going and even easier to care for. We really don’t need too much attention. Do your thing. With us, you’ve got room to breathe. We won’t hold you back or put a wrinkle in your plans.

Low maintenance

Not hard to get

Nothing’s out of your league. Try us out, you’ll see what you’ve been missing. We’ve just been hanging here waiting for you, ready to be seen together.

Plus, we fit on the first date.

Maybe you can buy love? I mean you’ve looked – but something was never quite right. So if you’re not busy, we’d love to come see your place. Or just take us straight home to mom, we know she’d approve. All we do is make you feel better.

Made for you